Planting Seeds in Spirituality

Fiona Newman has been facilitating workshops on Spirituality and Personal Growth since 1998.

Through individual appointments, workshops, classes and talks Fiona shares her experiences, teachings and practices.

The workshops and classes Fiona offers will assist you in becoming who you desire to be, or to improve on the you, you are today.

Fiona Newman 

Through individual appointments, workshops, classes and talks Fiona shares her experiences, teachings and practices.

2014 heralds many changes for Fiona as she begins offering more services in Ireland. 

Individual Appointments are in person, on the phone and on Skype. Workshops and Classes are offered in various locations which will be on the Events Page.

Fiona aspires to be your gentle guide on your journey to personal growth and if desired, spiritual awareness.

About Fiona

Growing up in Ireland, Fiona was aware of Angels, Fairies, Spirit Guides and people who had passed from this world to the Spirit Realms.

She immigrated to Canada in 1989, moving to Peterborough, Ontario, where she currently owns and operates THE HEALING HOUSE.

The Healing House offers Holistic Services and Holistic Training in various locations throughout Canada and internationally.

Fiona travels to all locations to facilitate workshops and provide individual consultations while she continues her personal quest for new and exciting knowledge from various teachings and cultures.

Because of the diversity of her training and experience Fiona  offers many different approaches to Personal Healing, Growth and Development.

Fiona also offers Psychic, Medium and Past Life Readings. Fiona's Readings focus on what is most important for you to know at this time in your life.

Fiona's passion is readings and Communicating with our loved ones who have passed. The rewards for her is the peace a family feels when they reconnect, it can be an extremely emotional and Healing experience.  Fiona will guide you gently as she contacts your loved one and encourages peaceful communication.

Her career to date has brought her to many interesting ventures, including locating missing persons and working on cold cases with the Peterborough and Lakefield Police, OPP and across Canada for the RCMP.     



"Thank you Fiona for giving me peace of mind and direction for the next few months. "Marg.

"it felt like taking layers off an onion, I feel so much more powerful in my own life and thankful for all events which brought me to this place in my life"